Professional training courses
  • Seminars and specialized training courses for managers and administrative officers
Arbitrations, mediations and compositions of interests
  • Transactions, friendly and conclusive compositions
  • Routine and non-routine arbitrations
  • Planning for testamentary successions
  • Composition of interests between family members, heirs and partners
  • Company passage from one generation to another
  • Liquidations, divisions and adjudgements of property
  • National and foreign trusts and assignments to fiduciaries
Judicial assignments
  • Technical consultancies ex ufficio
  • Technical consultancy for a party (in civil and criminal lawsuits)
  • Survey appraisals
  • Judicial assignments in bankruptcy proceedings
Company restructuring and rehabilitation
  • Economic-financial check-ups
  • Plans for company doctoring
  • Plans for consolidation and restructuring of debt
  • Judicial and out-of-court compositions with creditors
  • Liquidation and winding-up of companies and organizations

The method and the capacity for work of each associate of the Synergia Consulting Group are the expression of a common way to approach and carry out a professional activity.
Professional qualifications, autonomy and a direct relationship with the client are the objectives traditionally aimed at. Therefore each professional, while putting today his experience and competence at the service of Synergia, can - thanks to the federal organization of the Synergia Consulting Group - continue to ensure that the clients receive personalized services and continuity of the client/consultant relationship, maintaining the consolidated tradition of reliability and professional approach of the member offices.

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