Our Mission
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The Mission sets out the premises and principles of the Synergia Consulting Group.  It defines the conduct of the participating professional offices and states the objectives which must constantly guide their activities:  it is formally accepted by each participating office.


1.  The Alliance
The Synergia Consulting Group is an Alliance between Independent Professional Offices.

2.  Friendship and esteem
The Alliance insists that at the heart of the relationships between its participants there must be the indispensable core values of respect, friendship and personal esteem.  It fosters initiatives that strengthen these ties, particularly among the younger generation.

3.  Competence and professional background
Competence and  professional approach are fundamental values in the Alliance, whose commitment is their development and growth, to the advantage of the younger participants.  In particular, the valorization of human resources, training and continual professional updating, plus specialization in the various sectors of the profession, are all considered as fundamental objectives.

4.  Professional ethics
In the behaviour of each professional the Alliance considers essential the respect of the general ethical principles, namely:

  • correctness;
  • seriousness;
  • reliability;
  • honesty.

The Alliance encourages initiatives that aim at development of the culture of professional ethics.

5.  Equal dignity in diversity
The Alliance, while appreciating the intuition of the founding Offices and considering their authority a common value, recognizes and attributes equal dignity to each Office in the Alliance, independently of its size, location and specialization.

6.  Being a part of the Alliance
A priority among the activities of the Alliance is that all persons in each Office participate and that each one feels that he/she is a key member of a team.  The Alliance develops programmes and initiatives that foster the highest possible participation, above all from the younger members.

7.  Territorial roots  - Geographical distribution
The Alliance considers that the distribution of its members throughout the entire country is fundamental, in the belief that the Alliance will be strong and competitive only if firmly rooted in all areas, from the cultural as well as from the operational standpoint.  The Alliance, with the aim of maximizing its identity at the local level, pinpoints the criteria to make the territorial distribution of the Offices efficient and homogeneous, as well as their participation in government bodies.

8.  No-profit
The Alliance ensures the development of each participating office with a no-profit policy.


9.  General objectives of the Alliance
The activities and policies of the Alliance have the general objective of safeguarding the interests of the participating Offices and their growth in terms of size, quality aspects and turnover.  The Alliance fosters any initiative that aims to make it a system among its member Offices.

10.  Development of company culture
Another objective of the Alliance is the creation, by each member Office, of initiatives involving the entrepreneurial world contacted, aimed at developing company culture and increasing company worth.

11.  Guidelines for the objectives
To enable the achievement of its objectives, the Alliance gives priority to the following guidelines:

  • a) specialization of the offices in certain contexts and sectors to enhance the overall competence of the Alliance;
  • b) encouragement of initiatives for encounters with public and other Institutions, regarding professional or company problems;
  • c) preparation of studies, research and investigations in the various fields that interest the Alliance;
  • d) optimization of the internal organization of the offices, through integration of systems and procedures and adoption of purchasing centres;
  • e) creation of general data banks and a telematic system for exchange of “delicate information” from the professional standpoint;
  • f) integration and exchange of professional know-how and experience between ther allied Offices;
  • g) development of an international profile, through stipulation of professional exchange agreements with foreign institutions and organizations, complementing the activities of members of the Alliance;
  • h) collaboration between the Offices to carry out complex assignments;
  • i) adoption of adequate policies for communication, marketing and dissemination of the name of the Alliance and, at the local level, Office to refer to.

12. Resources
Each Office ensures that the objectives of the Alliance can be economically achieved.  Management must however be implemented adopting criteria of efficiency and economy and each participating Office contributes to the expenses in proportion to its own turnover.